Erin Allard

I’m a Platform Support Engineer at Heroku by day and a passionate career advocate for women in STEM by night!

I graduated from Hackbright Academy and studied economics at Mills College, a women’s college in Oakland. My career transition to tech from a background in the social sciences completely transformed my life, and I’ve strived to pay it forward ever since.

Along the way, I discovered my love of teaching while serving as a Software Engineering Instructor at Girls Who Code and Techtonica. I’ve mentored students in Hackbright’s programs and am active in the Python community.

My proximity to other women who are just starting careers in tech—plus my own 2-year career transition from real estate analyst to coding bootcamp grad to software engineering instructor to software engineer—has allowed me to deeply understand the emotional, job hunting and work place challenges new and early-career engineers face.

I founded Empowered Engineers to ensure that resources are available for driven software engineers who want to make the most out of their early opportunities.

I’m a tennis player, fiber & textile artist, tea snob and lifelong Californian.

Tammy Sanders

I’ve spent 20+ years focused on growth — my own and that of professionals of all ages, at all stages in their careers, from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and across a wide range of industries.

You’re likely to surprise yourself when you work with me as we discover new ways for you to better understand who you are and what you need to successfully grow. Whether you’re a professional charting your path, crafting your story, or looking to get beyond a plateau, our work together can help you on your way.  

As a gay woman of color in Tech and the only person in my family with a doctorate and equity, I’m especially committed to helping people overcome barriers and discover opportunities within and beyond themselves.

When you’re ready to invest in your evolution, reach out! You won’t have to go it alone.